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School Gardening Workshops

School Gardening Workshops

Here at Rileys Garden Centre, we try to encourage children not only to be creative but to take an interest in plants and gardening.

Its easy for your school to be involved. Simply contact Thomas 616116 or by email at info@rileys.co.im

Price for Workshop is £1 per child:

this includes all 3 activities with our workshop leaders. A minimum of one teacher per activity is required at all times.

The workshops begin at 10am at the front desk of Rileys Garden Centre, where you will be greeted and shown through to the activity stations.

By 11 am the workshop will be complete and each child will be awarded with a certificate.

The 3 main Activites:

Seed Sowing
Workshop leaders will explain and demonstrate the seed sowing. The children will sow their own seeds and be advised on how to nature their seedlings.

A member of the team will discuss ht plant or vegetable of the day with the children. Each child will be given a picture of the plant or vegetable and will be encouraged to label and colour the different parts.

Tour & Outdoor Play Park
The group will be taken on a tour pointing out key areas and specific plants using the 5 senses.
Then everyone will meet up in the Outdoor play park for 15mins of fun and play!

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