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Gardening in August

Gardening in August

Roses continue looking good and the damper, cooler weather is a good time to plant them. We have
had top-up deliveries of David Austin due to customer demand. Rose "Dame Judi Dench" is now in
stock, as are traditional favourites like Albertine, Maigold and Rambling Rector. Regular deadheading
should keep roses flowering well into the autumn. Cut the dead flower shoot back to just above a
leaf joint further down the stem, using an angled cut so that rain sheds off away from the leaf joint.
August is also a good time to deadhead perennials, extending the season by encouraging another
flush of flowering into September/October. Lavender can be trimmed back lightly to maintain a good
shape after flowering, and again you may get a second flowering. Camelias and azaleas will be
forming next spring's flower buds at this time of year, so try to keep them well-watered; a good
mulch will help.

Also extending the flowering season we have a good selection of echinacea, rudbeckias, asters
(Michaelmas daisies), dahlias etc - all of these daisy-type flowers are great for late summer and
autumn flowering. Hardy verbenas, including verbena rigida will also maintain strong colour late into
the season, and are good for bees.

We continue to add to our themed plant zones, both according to growing requirements and
according to country of origin. A visit to the China & Japan zone is well worth it at the moment as we
have a wide selection of Japanese anemones in bud, as well as Japanese blood grass and
Hemerocallis (day lilies) – all great additions for late season colour. In addition to acers we have
some small Japanese Katsura trees (candy floss tree) to give fantastic autumn colour.
Newly in are some other trees and shrubs with a variety of coloured foliage: smoke bush,
ornamental elderberry "Black Beauty", eucalyptus, pieris and some small Liquidambar trees to name
but a few. We hope to further extend and develop our range of trees in coming months.
Coming soon will be zones for groundcover plants and for really tough, easy to grow plants that are
good choices for beginner gardeners as well as remaining reliable staples for established gardens.
Some of these plants are undervalued because they are so familiar, but for combining beauty with
ease, they are the "unsung heroes" of the garden.

In addition to reliable, easy to grow and well-known plants we are also trying to offer some more
unusual choices that you may not find elsewhere. Watch out for a new saxifrage, "Sybill Trelawney"
coming soon, and the unusual but easy-to-grow primula Mooreana with its deep purple scabious-like
flowers and dusting of silver.

Enjoy your gardening and please ask if you have any questions.

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