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Gardening in June

Gardening in June

Your Garden in June...

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee bank holiday promises to be a memorable four days of get-togethers and celebrations with close family and friends. Even the sun is predicted to come out to mark this amazing milestone event!

Get your garden ready for all your party guests by planting some traditional British favourites that will make it look fit for a queen.

2022 is the year of the Rose and there's no better way to give your garden a classic royal look than by planting a Rosa 'Queen Jubilee Rose'. This dark green leaved deciduous shrub Rose bears fully double fragrant white blooms flushed with peach throughout summer. It bears some thorns along the main branches but is mostly thornless.

Partner this delicate Rose with some beautiful English Lavandula Angustifolia Hidcote. A compact Lavender, it's suitable for growing in borders or as dwarf hedging. It looks especially lovely lining a path. Named after Hidcote, the beautiful Arts and Crafts garden in Gloucestershire, it's one of the most popular Lavender plants. Its dense silver-grey foliage is covered in dark violet-blue flowers that spike in midsummer.

If you've not done so already, now is the time to put your hanging baskets up. To continue the jubilee theme choose a Union Jack inspired colour palette of red, white and blue. There are loads of combinations to choose from. Try a white Non-Stop Geranium for the centre, then surround with Blue and Red Petunia and in fill with white Lobelia or Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla' for a sweet fragrance.

With warmer and drier weather in June, it's time to get the hose out to make sure your blooms look their best for the big event. Be water wise and water first thing in the morning or just before dusk when temperatures are lower. Don't drench the whole flower bed. Instead, directly water at the base of the plant and allow it to soak into the soil.

Now all you need to do is put the royal bunting up, fire up the BBQ and get ready to enjoy the four-day bank holiday celebrations. You've earned it!

June on the Veg Plot...

Now is the time to enjoy your veg plot. With the warmer weather and lighter evenings, there are plenty of extra hours to relax and enjoy yourself.

Plant out leek seedlings from seed beds or pots grown in the greenhouse. Seedlings should be about a pencil thick. Water both the area to be planted in and the seedlings thoroughly the day before and just before transplanting. Using a dibber, make holes 15cm deep and 15cm apart in rows 30cm apart. Drop a baby leek into each hole. There's no need to firm in, just water each hole well as the water will draw the soil around the roots. Keep well-watered until established.

Remove side shoots from tomato cordons. Pinch the shoots off with your thumb and finger when still small. Pinching off rather than cutting helps the plant to heal quicker. If left on, the side shoots take the plants energy away from fruiting and cause a tangled mass of foliage which is difficult to manage.

Give tomatoes a high potash feed every week, liquid tomato fertiliser is ideal. This is also great for all other fruiting crops.

Now the danger of frosts has passed it is time to plant out all the tender veg. Runner beans, French beans, cucumber, courgette, pumpkins and sweetcorn will fill the plot nicely. The garden centre will have loads of vegetable plants to choose from. Or you can now sow directly into the growing site.

Water strawberries and feed with a high potash feed every week. Put straw under the developing fruit to lift them off the soil to prevent soil splash.


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