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Gardening in November

Gardening in November

November Newsletter
This months jobs are mostly tidying leaves and preparing for the colder times ahead. We stock a range of rakes and garden bags to make this constant job, that bit easier. As we await the first frost it's time to prepare. For any less hardy plants such as the Manx Palm(Cordyline Australis), tie the leaves in an upright bunch then protect with fleece. Echium also requires covering, your best bet is to plant Echiums in a sheltered spot and wrap with a double layer of fleece for the winter. This gives them a chance to bloom the following season. We stock a range of fleece covers that sit over the top of the plant and tie at the bottom. They are made with a thick fleece and are reusable each year.

Garden birds benefit from feeding year round, but winter is a time to provide foodstuffs with a high fat content to help keep them warm. Feed regularly so that birds will not waste vital energy visiting your garden when there is no food and aim to carry out these tasks from late autumn (or as soon as hard frosts arrive) until mid-spring. We stock a large range of bird food, feeders and high fat treats from both Henry Bell and Peckish.

Now let's talk about Christmas!!! We have been very busy setting up this year's display and we hope you like it, you will find our themes on the left when you come in, you can pick one of ours or make up your own. We have a large range of baubles and decorations to choose from. Be sure to make your way to our lighting tunnel where you will find the indoor and outdoor lit decorations and string lights. If you follow the path through the trees and floristry you will find the igloo full of penguins and polar bears awaiting Santa's return. Father Christmas arrives here at Rileys on 27th November - 10am till 1pm - £5 per child

Enjoy your gardening, and please ask if you have any questions.

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