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Gardening in October

Gardening in October

Riley's Newsletter October 2021
Plants to look out for this month are eye-catching asters and heathers: both are looking great and will give you long-lasting colour. We have a tropical flavour in the varieties of aster available: Island Bahamas, Barbados, Tonga and Samoa. This is in keeping with our "round the world in 80+ plants" theme which will continue as we start to prepare for Father Christmas's upcoming world trip. How about Solanum Venus from Peru (also known as Christmas Cherry), evergreen flowering Diosma and Hebe from New Zealand, Winter Jasmine and Camelias from China, Hellebores (Christmas roses) from Europe, ever-gold Choisya (Mexican orange blossom), Canary Island Ivy, or Scottish heather? Not forgetting, in due course, the Norway spruce. We don't stock reindeer moss, but Rudolph might enjoy our good range of grasses and ferns.

While heathers, ferns and grasses are great for winter containers, we also have many other options: brightly coloured cyclamen, pansies, violas and chrysanthemums. Container plants for autumn/winter can be purchased individually or in cost-effective 6-packs. Choices available in 6-packs include dwarf hebes, wallflowers, heathers, winter foliage assortment, primulas, cyclamen, pansies/violas. Heathers and wallflowers are wild-life friendly options that will provide late season (and early spring) nectar for bees and other pollinators. We also have pre-planted winter containers for instant impact and great value for money.

We are expecting another delivery of Harkness roses this month in both the Special Occasion/Sentiments and Masterpiece collections. Harkness Roses won the gold medal at Chelsea 2021 – the 26th time they have won Gold! So we are proud to be a stockist for these exceptionally healthy and free-flowering roses. Roses are in flower now and often keep flowering right through to Christmas.

Don't miss our end of season sale on flowering perennials and hostas. These plants have mainly finished flowering for this year, but now is a great time to plant them – grab yourself a bargain and look forward to gorgeous, well-established plants next year. Select climbers are also included in the sale. It's also not too late to plant winter veg – 9-cell vegetable packs can be found in the herb area.

Plants also make great gifts. As well as the special occasion roses expected soon, keep your eyes open for various gift and seasonal planters will become available in coming months. As Halloween approaches, Harry Potter fans might appreciate a gift of Saxifrage Sibyl Trelawney, currently in full flower.

Newly in also are some evergreen Star Jasmine, both "pink showers" and "star of Toscane". They are bearing some flowers now, but would be a lasting and rewarding gift, evergreen over the winter, and covered with many more heavily fragranced flowers in the summer - Say it with plants!

Enjoy your gardening, and please ask if you have any questions.

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