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About Riley's

About Riley's

Established in 1882, and to date the company is now in its 5th generation. This is due to traditionally family business and values that have helped grow and develop the company throughout the 140 years in which it has been running on the Isle of Man.

Rileys History

Riley's was originally established in 1882 by John Thomas (JT) Faragher and is now in its 5th generation, 140 years after opening. JT Faragher originally set up the business as an agricultural merchant whilst also running the cattle markets, which were located around where Lord Street is now, alongside being a travel agent on the island. JT became the Mayor of Douglas and the first Manxman to receive the freedom of the Borough.

The business then progressed when JT's daughter married Jack Riley, who went into the business and diversified into auctioneering. Jack Riley had a son, John 'Raymond' Riley (JR Riley) in 1914. Martyn's father and Thomas's Grandfather. JR Riley fought in the war and when he returned, he also joined the business, following in the family tradition. JR Riley worked to develop the agricultural machinery side of the business, bringing the first combine harvester to the Isle of Man.

In the early 70s JR Riley's son Martyn returned to the island after going to agricultural college in Nottingham, to take over the business. He then diversified the business into garden machinery. Martyn had big ambitions of opening a garden centre and through taking the business forward and constantly adapting and diversifying, his goals were achieved and Riley's Garden Centre was built in 2005.

Riley's Garden Centre was a major development from the original store at Quines Corner! When Riley's opened it broke ground for the island, becoming a lifestyle destination.

Riley's is now in its 140th year and through maintaining its family business structure and the values and beliefs associated with this Riley's has been able to develop and grow into the business it is today. Martyn extended the products and services offered reflective of the seasons and as a result of this Riley's now has some of the largest Christmas, Gardening Machinery, BBQ, Gardening and Outdoor Furniture on the island

The business is now in its 5th generation with Thomas as managing director. The Main focus is to create the best location for all the family to enjoy.
According to Thomas the history of our business has brought us to where we are today through the loyalty and dedication of our staff which he believes is always a companies greatest asset. Riley's are proud of what we have achieved so far and the generations of Riley's and the staff who have worked alongside them, which have allowed our business to grow. We look forward to the future and creating more history.