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Relaxation Chair - Siegle Grey

  • Relaxation Chair - Siegle Grey
  • Relaxation Chair - Siegle Grey
  • Relaxation Chair - Siegle Grey

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  • Relaxation Chair - Siegle Grey


    Play the optimum relaxation card with this multi-position armchair which fits in well in the garden, beside the pool or on the patio. Of particular note: its excellent quality to price ratio makes it essential.

    Its advantages:
    - Its so-called "zero gravity" position: the legs are placed slightly above the level of the heart to ensure maximum relaxation.
    - Clip suspension: the steel tubing and fabric are connected by elastomere clips. This Lafuma patented system provides the user with firmer comfort, very good back support, easy clipping/unclipping of the fabric, and a long lifespan.
    - Its Batyline®fabric: specially designed for outdoor furniture, this material combines exceptional resistance to UV exposure and ripping, and simple cleaning. Its open weave promotes an ultra quick drying time, and the anti-fungal treatment prevents mildew. It holds the Oeko-Tex® label, that is, free from toxic substances harmful to people and the environment.
    - Removable, adjustable headrest.
    - Its weight which facilitates adjustments and carrying.
    - Compact size when folded makes storage easier.
    - Its price.

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