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Berg Grand champion in ground 470 grey

  • Berg Grand champion in ground 470 grey
  • Berg Grand champion in ground 470 grey
  • Berg Grand champion in ground 470 grey

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  • Product description
    Get ready for a summer full of fun and activity in the garden with BERG's largest trampoline to date.

    The BERG InGround Grand Champion is BERG's largest trampoline, which is fantastic as it gives even more space to unfold and makes your jumping experience even more fun. The trampoline's smart design ensures that you can jump safely and for a longer period of time. The oval shape of the trampoline ensures that you get the best combination of properties from a round and rectangular trampoline. The BERG InGround Grand Champion has good strength due to its round frame and at the same time you can jump over the full length that you will be able to with a rectangular trampoline.

    The trampoline also has many benefits of being an in-ground trampoline. Because the trampoline is sunk into the ground, it is both safe and easy to step on, and in addition, it is also nicely hidden in your garden. Grand Champion comes with a unique AirFlow spring mat and TwinSpring Gold springs this gives better and higher jumps.

    Product info:

    Upholstery color: Gray
    Diameter: 470 x 310 cm
    Number of springs: 112
    Trampoline height: 27 cm
    Max. user weight: 120 kg
    The AirFlow jumping mat provides 50% more AirFlow, which provides better jumping comfort and higher and more flexible jumping
    Because the TwinSpring Gold springs are positioned at an angle, they are extra long and flexible without reducing the spring surface
    Oval trampoline gives the strength of a round trampoline and you can jump the full length as you can on a rectangular trampoline
    Extra security due to the thick PVC protective edge
    The patented frame is easy to mount and install
    Submerged trampoline so it is easy to step on and it is also nicely hidden in your garden

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